June 25, 2014

Nude Photos Hit The Web Of Ladies Favorite 'Blue Eyed Felon' Jeremy Meeks

Thirst traps are still going off worldwide after famed money shot AKA 'mug shot' of what the ladies are calling 'blue eyed felon' Jeremy Meeks, hit the web causing women from all walks of life to lower their standards and deeply examine their "no felon policy".

The ladies are saying 'handsome felon with the chiseled featured and model good looks' blah blah blah...this guy first caused a frenzy when a picture of his mugshot hit the web and received over 10K likes. Looks like he wasn't ready for the instant fame to finish up so he leaked a 'Ladies Only Selfie' on the net, causing Mass hysteria and extreme dehydration amongst women (THE THIRST). SMH. Ladies (ONLY) check out uncensored photos of this guy if you have to HERE