June 3, 2014

@OfficialCMack CW22 & Fox 50's "C Mack" Parts Ways With Television Drama "Sistahs"

Actress, former radio host & blogger "C Mack" has been making headlines in 2014! From branching out from under the wings of Fayetteville's urban radio station, WCCG 104.5, to teaming up with El Barrio Magazine out of NYC while launching the all new celebrity gossip site, CMackBloggeristic.com! C Mack joined the cast of a new television drama, "Sistahs: The Forties Club" October 2013, and immediately gained the attention of industry professionals after the first pilot hit the air. 

C Mack came to the production with her own personal stylist, PR & Marketing team and even contributed resources to the production in effort to support a seemingly positive project from her city. Immediately noticing the unprofessional atmosphere on set, as well as the lack of concern for organization and quality, C Mack began to address the issues with her team, and attempted to bring these concerns to the light in hopes to remedy this for the sake of her affiliation and the production itself. Sources have come forward to expose the show's erratic schedule, lack of pay and harassing attempts to control the cast member's outside affiliations and personal life choices.
C Mack & management made the decision to leave the show after numerous attempts to resolve the issues failed & other key cast members began to leave the show due to various problems within. C Mack has declined to comment about the details out of respect for the remaining cast members. C Mack stated that she enjoyed working with her cast mates, wishes them all the best and will see them at the top.