June 9, 2014

Seeking up-and-coming producers for Grammy-nominated Production Company

If you are an up-and-coming producer, send us your best work. We are looking for tracks and/or songs in the following genres: Pop, Pop-Dance, Club, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop-R&B, Dubstep, Pop-Rock

Please only send your best fully finished instrumentals or full songs.

We are looking for new producers to sign to our production company. If you already have a deal or publishing deal, please DO NOT send music. We are looking only for producers who don't have any current connections or obligations.

With Three Grammy nominations and several million albums sold, Incorporated Elements is quite possibly one of the best production teams that you've NEVER heard of. 

Incorporated Elements has also had tracks and songs featured in over 500 television shows, movies, advertisements, and video games, including the feature films.

Grammy-nominated Production Company seeking up-and-coming producers
PRODUCERS ONLY...no artists...we have other interactions for artists.
If we like what we hear, you will hear back from us.
If your song is selected, it does not mean that it will definitely be placed. It means that we like it enough to play for the artists, and we will contact you back ONLY if they are interested in moving forward with the song, or if we are interested in working with you further.