June 10, 2014

Stevie J Allegedly Arrested For Owing $1 Million In Child Support (Will He Be Kicked Off Love & Hip-Hop?)

Stevie J had a private moment in his life caught on tape and Mona Scott Young was not behind the camera. The Love N Hip Hop star was arrested for owing over $1 million in unpaid child support.

Back in February, Stevie J was served a subpoena to appear in Family Court over unpaid child support payments in connection to a child he conceived with Carol Bennett. According to reports, Stevie J and Bennet had their children in 1997 and 1998, however Stevie stopped paying child support back in 2001, two years after he was court ordered to pay.

Stevie J’s child support payments were initially $6,600 but reportedly increased to $850,000 as the producer began to attain more fame. Stevie J was arrested by police in Georgia and will have to face criminal charges in New York City.