July 30, 2014

Lady Files Lawsuit For $123 Million Against Facebook For Not Deleting Fake Profile

Facebook Revenge Porn Lawsuit

From: Engadget
Facebook user who claims the social network has failed to take action against a fake “revenge porn” Facebook page despite being notified about it, wants the company to pay $0.10 for every subscriber it has, or around $123 million in damages, The Wrap has learned.
Meryem Ali filed a lawsuit against Facebook and her former friend, Adeel Shah Khan, who has apparently created the revenge porn Facebook profile showing Ali in photoshopped “false, phony, naked body shots,” and even in a sex act.
Ali found out about the fake page when she was contacted by family members who received friend invites from the revenge porn profile. She then submitted repeated requests to Facebook asking the company to remove the profile, but it failed to take action.
Only when the Houston Police Department got involved did Facebook finally delete the page.
The suit “seeks to expose the frailties and failures of the falsely advertised, and false promoted privacy mechanisms” of Facebook,” saying that Facebook top employees knew about these privacy issues. Furthermore, the suit adds that in other similar cases Facebook paid out millions of dollars to others, but “made little to no changes to providing better security for the privacy concerns of its subscribers.”