July 11, 2014

Major Artists Seeking Music: Rick Ross, J Cole, P. Diddy, Miguel, B.O.B, and more!

Mach 1 Ent. was founded by 20x plus platinum Billboard Award winning and Grammy nominated President/writer/producer Eddie Galan. Mach 1 Ent. works with major/independent labels, artists, producers/songwriters etc. to bring incredible music of all genres to the industry and much more.

Rick Ross from Maybach Music Group seeks tracks/tracks with hooks
MMG record label artist Rick Ross is looking for hard hitting street tracks for his new project. Tracks alone or tracks with hooks are allowed.

Bystorm Ent. artist J Cole needs music

Roc Nation rap artist J Cole is looking for hip hop and progressive tracks and tracks with hooks. Must have an authentic hip hop sound with great drums and clean mix. Please research his previous albums before submitting. We are working directly with an A&R at his management company Bystorm Ent.

P Diddy looking for tracks or tracks with hooks
Just got a great in with Puff Daddy who is looking for stadium tracks like "N in Paris", "Holy Grail", "Hate Me Now" and "Run this town". Big drums/hooks. Also looking for Neptunes style rap/dance beats like his older record "Pass The Courvoisier", but with updated sounds/style.

Bystorm Ent. artist Miguel needs full records
Working directly with an A&R for Miguel's management company. Need amazing full records for him. He has out the box R&B records with a Prince feel to some of the material. Please research Miguel before submitting music.

Looking for hits for B.O.B. (Direct-in at Atlantic Records)
If your track meets the criteria needed it will be submitted to the artists team (A&R/Exec)for consideration. Need radio hits for B.O.B. send your best tracks or tracks with hooks. Looking for urban club tracks or tracks with hooks or crossover radio singles.

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