July 3, 2014

@PBLARGEDCE x Desloc Piccalo "Da Foundation"

Da Foundation…tells the story of how young men learning to avoid fake friends survive to become men on these same unforgiving streets. They realized at a young age that without a strong foundation, the world could not be built to last. Da Foundation contains melodic, grungy, mesmerizing beats accompanied by lyrics that will stronghold your ears and heart, reminiscent of greats from the past. Da Foundation has features from Desloc Piccalo, coming off his smash hit “Stick and Roll” which has over 1 Million views on Youtube. Da Foundation includes the already rising smash hit, “All on Me”. With over 19,000 plays on soundcloud.com/pblarge, it continues to burn up the streets and be played by the biggest DJ’s all over Miami. PB Large and Desloc Piccalo have collaborated on this classic to give you a glimpse into their life and journey starting from…Da Foundation