July 9, 2014

@Spa77owwetrust Blakkmoney Entertainment sign's fresh new music talent "D-mag" to developmental branch

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Blakkmoney Entertainment is ecstatic to announce the fresh signing of Brooklyn , New York's hip-hop talent Deshawn Lane "D-Mag". D-Mag is from the hallow walks of Brownsville, Brooklyn and is already an experienced live tour performing artist that has already established a music hardware relationship in his social public . The new deal with D-Mag is a standard Blakkmoney developmental deal that will increase the potential of the Blakkmoney brand as well as form the signing artist with career etiquette , and outlets to stream original music and video content , merchandise , and all other potential artist related endeavors.

Blakkmoney's executive operator Regina Blackmon states, " D-Mag and Blakkmoney's collaboration is more of a respected partnership than a signing , D-Mag will be allowed to develop his social brand and gain new independent and commercial relationships, in return Blakkmoney Entertainment will now have authentic access to new grounds and social markets that has been untapped by our previous roster of talent ". Blakkmoney's current talent Buck Roger$ had this to state. " D-Mag taking part in the Blakkmoney experience works best for both parties, new ground will be broken and new measures will be reached on both parts".

There's no official release date yet on any D-mag content or endeavors but the D-mag talent and brand is expected to take advantage of the sharp rise in the consumption of streamed video programming as it will be delivered to his supporters and music lovers alike .