September 8, 2014

(New Music)- @Framesword "WarTime"

WARTIME_Art_Wallpaper fin (1) In a time when the rap game is permeated with gimmick rappers, predictable lyrics and unoriginal concepts, one rapper is taking the genre to new heights with his inventive concepts and dynamic rhyme schemes. Independent rapper Frame has emerged as a breath of fresh air due to his unique storytelling techniques and witty wordplay. The enigmatic Frame is a multi-dimensional emcee who touches on various topics from war to sex. The buzz worthy rapper has been feature on such popular online destinations as,, The CNN iReport, The and more. His singles have reached the top 5 on the Rap Attack and Record Breakers Charts. Frame is making an impact by speaking about things that people want to say. "Controversy is my middle name" proclaims the rhyme slinger. His latest single is a song entitled "WarTime." The song is brash and bold. It deals with various current news items such as police brutality, domestic abuse, pornography and suicide. In the song Frame targets everyone from racist cops to Barack Obama. His approach to tackling taboo topics makes him a maverick among his rap peers. Follow Frame on Twitter @Framesword.