November 6, 2014

Seeking songs about Lost Love, Regret, Pain, etc... for upcoming Drama/Thriller - $5,000 payout

Looking for songs about love lost, pain, regret, etc... for a new film we are producing that comes out in the 3rd quarter of 2015.


The scene is centered around a woman looking at a scrap book of pictures of her with her former boyfriend who she regrets ending it with. This is THE pivotal scene in the movie as she makes a decision to go after him.

An example of another indie song we are using in this film with a similar tone, - Sally Anthony "So Long

Please note, this is our first film under our new film division and I am decision maker on this song so I look forward to hearing your great material!

There is a $5,000 (all in) payout if your song is selected. We have had issues in the past with uncleared samples. Please note, YOU MUST control master and publishing to submit and your song CAN NOT contain uncleared samples.

Known for our versatility and results, Gracie has worked with the majors (Lil Wayne, Eminem) as well as released over 750 albums and singles via our distribution deals with Universal and The Orchard. In addition, Gracie has worked to place over 100 songs in TV and Film (The Hangover, Green Hornet, Fast & The Furious, MTV and more). Our newest venture includes producing and distributing our own films! Our first film comes out in Q3 of 2015.