January 30, 2015

(New Mixtape)- @MrRothschild2G "Unfortunate"

Gunna_Rothschild_Unfortunate-front-large NJ Rhyme Slinger Gunna Rothschild sits at the helm of the NJ based entertainment company called The BLVCK LABEL. The firm is comprised of a diverse group of talented artists such as Shakespear, Nameliss, Nasty Boi, Nae Reala, Southmob Doe, Dat Midnight and Dolla. The Blvck Label CEO Gunna Rothschild recently released his "Unfortunate" Mixtape to much fanfare. If you’re a fan of hard beats and lyrical bars, then this top notch mixtape is for you. ”Unfortunate” is a captivating street album that moves pass generic trap tales and takes the listener on a deeper and more introspective level. It’s an ambitious and driven effort from a gentleman who has lived and survived the gritty streets of Newark, NJ.