March 16, 2015

@TheRealTajMahal - Stang ft. @HaitianRemo

With authentic lyricist with heart felt stories of life’s struggles and success, Karim “HaitianRemo” Alexander is taking hip hop by storm. Representing Brooklyn NY, Mr. Sour & Moscato is without doubt one of the most talented artist of our time. His life experiences have provided a well of inspiration. Audiences abroad have been captivated by his ability to create hardcore lyrics for the true hip hop generation as well as soulful R&B party mixes for the clubs. This versatility, in addition to his obvious appeal and stage presence distinguishes his style from all others. The interesting part about HaitianRemo is he is not only an artist ,he is a Brand Ambassador (Winsquadnyc x Crosstown Mob) with the jack of all trade who wears many hats.