May 26, 2015

(New EP)-@beasleyscorner Presents @iEatatTartals "Dinner With My Enemies"

unnamed Hailing from Scottdale, Pennsylvania is Beasley's Corner Bodega co-founder Izzy Strange. The name may ring a bell if you're familiar with the Hip Hop duo Middle Name Danger. Known for his production & emcee skills, the Pennsylvanian debuts a brand new, ten track EP entitled "Dinner With My Enemies" which carries features from fellow BCB artists Zeus (BCB Co-Founder) and Chuurch as well as members of the L.T.C (Lobetrotters Collective); Danny G, Mike Incite, and Skeptik. Also, the project was executive produced by Nate Fox of Chance the Rappers band, Social Experiment. Dubbed "Blue Collar Hip Hop", Strange tackles everyday topics such as bills, work, heartbreak, family & friends and offers up a fresh style of Hip Hop that revolves around Izzy's unique voice & delivery. Stream & purchase "Dinner With My Enemies" below.