June 20, 2015

Usher And Justin Bieber Stole A Song From RBM's Own Derico And Are Getting Sued For $10 Million

From: TMZ

Justin Bieber and Usher are on the hot seat again for their song, "Somebody to Love," because some pretty powerful judges just ruled ... the duo may have ripped off another artist.
The Bieber/Usher collaboration is "Somebody to Love," recorded in 2010. A guy named Devin Copeland, known as De Rico, and his songwriting partner Mareio Overton claim the famous pair ripped off their 2008 song by the same name.  
Problem for Copeland and Overton ... a federal judge ruled the songs weren't similar at all and booted them out of court in 2014. 
But a federal appeals court just ruled, the first judge was way off base, concluding, the Bieber/Usher hook have an "almost identical rhythm and strikingly similar melody." 
So the case now goes back for a full-blown trial where they're seeking $10 million in damages. Listen to the songs. If you were on the jury, would you nail the Biebs? 

Here is the evidence: