July 14, 2015

@christinaskaar - Critical

Christina Skaar is a singer/songwriter from Norway, signed to Warner Chappell, Scandinavia. She has written for various artists & acted as a featured vocalist on several house tracks but Critical is her debut, pop artist project.

As a teenager, Christina started working with TOP DJs in Stockholm and created a number of commercial house tracks, some of which were supported by globally renowned DJs including Tiesto, Bob Sinclar & Timbaland. Following this, Christina was selected by STARGATE and Music Export Norway to join an Artistry Masterclass in New York.

During her short but rising career she has worked among side some great DJs, producers, songwriters and artists in the world, such as: Michael Weermets, John Dahlback, Bob Sinclar, System B, Jerry Ropero, John de Sohn, Nick Wall, French Government, Alex Lamb, Alex Sayz, Philip Jenven, Micha Moor, Kitsch, Bootik, Tom Geiss, Rogerio Lopez, Alaa, Marcello Totti, Johan Wedel, Dany Coast, Easton, Davis, A-Lee, Dreamon and Robin & Bugge to name but a few.