July 3, 2015

THE RICH PORTER STORY (Part II) official trailer

The Rich porter story cold cold world stop the killing 'part 2 . A Personal Message from Director/Writer AZIE FAISON: Talks to the hood to like them see there playing in a game that they can't not win ! The Reason: The truth must be told from a divine point of view, one of pure love and light, to help and warn all that follow in our footsteps to see that the game is over! I will do my best to explain and share from experience that it was God's call! August 20th, 1987, I met God face to face! Yes, I was in the presence of the Most High! The Why: Question, why were we allowed to sell so much drugs so freely for such a long period of time? From 84 to 90 Harlem? The Mecca the capstone to all hoods ' Let me tell you why, many were called but few were chosen, sun, moon, then stars! The Guilty: Who is the guilty? Me, you, them, versus us. What I have come to learn is its the man in the mirror, repent, there is a divine force that is in total control, and it's live within us all ' global warming, yes, the sun has pulled the earth up into new heights and we must all forgive and let go, because this way of life is not allow up here in the now. You will come to see the so call living is dead and the dead is now living trying to bring us back to life ' as they use everything in there power to try to reverse the pure energy that has come to rescue us all from the evil hands and wicked minds of Satan! Knowledge is power, yes we can! Stop the killing! You cannot be lead to the promised land until you have the promised mind that will manifest the promised land. We were under attack before we even arrived! Set up to kill! Set up to die! To turn our back on God Wake up and live, behold, and recieve this divine message once and for all, God's will be done! Prophecy 126! It's time to separate the good from the evil, right from wrong!