April 22, 2021

Interview With G. Fisher Of Movers Clothing

Please introduce yourself & the Name of Your Brand.

Hello the name is Guy Fisher & the name of my Brand Is Movers Clothing

What is the meaning behind the name?

The meaning and inspiration behind my Brand are The people who move culture and society forward. You know like the Movers and Shakers.

How much time/money/dedication is spent marketing your brand?

I started my Brand Six years ago but have been going hard with it for about 4 Years. I spent alot of money testing sampling but equipment and things like that I also put alot of money into marketing and plan on at least 10xing years years marketi g budget this year to drive growth

What influenced you to start your Company?

Honestly I've always been a fly dude and into fashion it whateva it's kinda in my blood. I watched my mom's and aunt model and throw fashion shows back In the day. I got real serious with being fly when I moved to Atlanta as a teenager me and my boys that was our thing like rocking Iceberg Prada, Moschino to Rocawear and Sean Jean when they first came out and all that way back in the late 90s and Early 2000s . I even had a clothing store in the Bronx in my early twenties so I kinda always been on it. Can't front tho my guy KB from a dope brand called Global Currency used to sponsor me and he's the one who actually told me I should start own line eventho it was always in the back of my mind. If u know me u know I wanna own Everythig lmfaoooooo

Now we know you are not just a Clothing Brand , so tell us as well as our audience, more about yourself

First off I'ma Dad and that's what I'm proudest of but I'm also an artist and I've heard I'm an Ok Rapper lol. I run a dope rising music blog called RapOnSteroids.com I got two podcast plus run A Marketing /Or/ digital Ad firm called Enterprize Marketing Group and Wizardry Digital Media respectfully

Is being an independent entrepreneur hard? What tips would you give to someone who is looking to start their own franchise?

Hell yes. I remember one of my mentors telling me a while back that when u become an entrepreneur you most likely will be broke until your really rich meaning it's alot of ups and downs and I. Order to grow you going to have to invest everything u got.. speaking on that my main advice is get a mentor thats already been successful in what your trying to do .. (even if u have to pay) and they'll help cut your learning curve drastically

What can we look forward to from you and the brand you represent?

You can look forward to alot of growth,. Look foward to Movers clothing being a disruptor in the Lifestyle and Streetwear Brand markets. We're going to find ways to innovate because there's no real rules to this fashion game anymore and we rather blaze the trails then follow. Look foward to more frequent collection drops, more popup shops, more influencers telling the brand and more events from the brand that bring the Movers lifestyle to life.

Thank you for this quick interview, we look forward to viewing more of your artistry in the near future and hopefully in stores

We appreciate u alot...#LetsMove #KeepItMoving

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