September 22, 2010

DJ Bedtyme357

In the world of hip hop, it is very rare that you earn the respect of your peers, who may also be DJs, artists and aspiring hopefuls who intend to do whatever it takes to make it into the music industry. Many overlook the concept of supporting each other, or something you believe in, just because it feels good or you have the ability to do so. One individual, who is a radio and mixtape personality, a DJ that spins for a high profile artist and the co-founder of one of the largest concert series,Bedtyme357 is that rarity. 
Supporting underground artists and breaking new music, while juggling the duties of DJing for Grammy nominated, Remy Ma and hosting his critically acclaimed radio program Hate Money Radio “The A&R Report” (not to mention several mixtapes a month), Bedtyme357 has been a consistent force in helping others get to the next level all while branding his name as the quality product he is and provides. In the process of doing so, Bedtyme357 has acquired huge sponsorship deals from Jagermeister, Stall and Dean Clothing and Strapped Condoms. 
Bedtyme didn’t seek to be a DJ at first, it kind of just happened. “I was setting up shows for my brother Chuck”’ says Bedtyme357, “but after a while he couldn’t make it because of work, so I had to fill in and from there it’s history”. Bedtyme357 started spinning on the party and mixtape scene, quickly growing into holding down the duties of featured DJ at some of the largest events and parties in the tristate. Bedtyme357 also had the opportunity to support a legendary hip-hop artist, CL Smooth as his DJ on a European Tour mid 2005, but it was Feb 2006 when the madness really began. “I was spinning for an event our company was hired to do” states Bedtyme357, “after the event, my manager got a call from Remy’s people, next thing you know I’m on stage at Hot 97’s Full Frontal Fashion Event and I have been holding it down since”. Bedtyme357 has been Remy Ma’s official (and loyal) DJ for the last 4 years and has toured the US & overseas in support of her Gold selling album “There’s Something About Remy”. 
Bedtyme357 has also been featured in several publications such as Protégé Magazine, Foundation Magazine, Producer’s Edge, IB Concept Magazine, sites such as, as well as several other DVDs and a guest appearance on Shade45 Sirius Satellite Radio. Bedtyme357’s “Hate Money Radio” airs 5 nights a week on 3 different networks. 
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