November 15, 2010


Steph Johnson aka 1SHOTDOT was born in Brooklyn. As a youth he recognized his ability to express himself lyrically. He built up his lyrical skills by incorporating “tales from the hood”. After the loss of a childhood friend at a very young age DOT turned to music to express his innermost emotions on the mic.
He soon began writing and recording his music. He then started making beats and producing his own songs. He organized the G.A.T.E. ~ Going At The Enemy.; a movement consisting of a group of individuals aimed at revitalizing & reviving hip-hop & Rap. DOT’s music has a feel of hardcore rap laced with a hip-hop flava. His music appeals to the Urban American as well as to West-Indian Americans. 1SHOTDOT attributes his musical influences to Biggie, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Nate Dogg, R.Kelly .....
1SHOTDOT recorded his first CD “Reality Check” in 2004. Soon after recording other mixtapes such as Gutter Music, Streets & Stores, My Life is Like a Movie & now his latest mix CD “1 Shot Dot” slated to drop Spring 2011. "1 Shot Dot" features songs such as Particular Lady, Jack & Jill and “It’s Goin Down”
1SHOTDOT has performed at many prestigious venues such as Funkmaster Flex Ski Trip opening for Joe Buddens, Papoose, & Remy Ma. Kutches in 05 & 07, Brooklyn Festival Spring Valley, Upstate NY alongside Cassidy just to name a few.
1SHOTDOT is prepared to take the music Industry by storm. Roaring like Thunder, Striking like Lightening (Pull out your umbrellas cause his style is "wet"). Brace yourself because 1SHOTDOT and his team is about to stir things up like a natural disaster. He's ready to rip apart, rebuild & rejuvenate Rap & Hip Hop.
He's got BROOKLYN on his Back. NY is Back. Hip Hop 4 Life. It's da G.A.T.E. 718!