January 3, 2011

Chuck Platinum

Chuck Platinum is a producer, DJ, and american rap artist. Originally from The Bronx N.Y. Chuck Platinum started off as a DJ watching his father rock the turntables since he was a baby. In 1991, he teamed up with his partner in crime P. Holla and formed the group Uptown Nation. Uptown Nation performed in many showcases nationally including a once in a lifetime chance to perform on Showtime @ The Apollo winning standing ovations and coming only second to another contender. In 1992 Chuck Platinum and his father DJ Butch SOS started his first business called Partnuz Entertainment and began DJing several parties and clubs in the tri-state and started this business when he was only 13 years old. In its 19th year business is still booming and the tag team hosts and DJs several parties throughout the year!

Chuck Platinum started producing in 1994 and produced hits for his group as well as artists like Mahagany Brown, Young Bugz, Young Problemz, Jvon Lawrence, Ronnie Sparkz, Young Merc, 950Plus , Vague Sport, Green Streetz and an assortment of other talented artist.

In 2005 Chuck conceived NovaKhain Multimedia which is a distribution company, record label and graphic design company.

In 2011 Chuck Platinum will release his debut album on NovaKhain Records called "Legend: The Last Man Standing" which will boast 12 tracks of sonically infused, lyrically charged, boastfully wonderful songs. The album will feature production by Chuck Platinum and will have some special guests on the album as well. Legend will showcase Chuck Platinums work as a producer and a rapper which comes natural to him. "I been freestyling since like 91 - 92 so just imagine all of those years just honing your freestyle skills and being young and still young in the game doing it heavy. I'm definitely not competition I do this like Mike Tyson in '87."

You can also catch Plat every Wednesday on DaMatrix Radiovision hosting his show Crazy Mob Squad Radio a long with co-hosts Big Von and DJ Swurv. He has interviewed people such as Noreaga, Styles P, Ralph McDaniels, Treach from Naughty By Nature, DJ Webstar, Mic Geronimo, Rock from Heltah Skeltah, Kool G. Rap, community activists, independent artists, film directors, authors and the list goes on. Crazy Mob Squad Radio has an international audience of over 6000 weekly active viewers and counting. http://www.damatrixstudios.com

Always keeping his DJing skills sharp Chuck hosts a party every month with his father DJ Butch SOS with a brand they call Stomp and Chomp. Stomp and Chomp was established in 2009 as a way to combine throwing a mean house party in a nice bar setting and make it free to give back to the people serving hot delicious food courtesy of Stomp and Chomp catering. Coming soon the brand will expand to several different boroughs creating the mobile DJ with food included. Look for http://www.stompandchomp.com to be launched soon.

Making his own lane Chuck is a very humble individual who just aims to help and serve people anyway he can. A family man and multiple business owner Chuck Platinum will be the next major mogul within the next 3-5 years. He has also made his first major investment into a growing entity called Organo Gold which is a multi level marketing company that are making millionaires everyday with a product of healthy coffee and neutraceuticals that will aid in helping people get healthy and wealthy. The company is currently doing over 5 million a month in sales and growing very fast and Chuck is looking to net an estimated 8 million dollars within the next 3 years with the company. You can check his franchise at http://www.theplatinumcafe.com


Charles K Cuthbert
NovaKhain Multimedia, LLC

e: chuckplatinum@gmail.com

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