March 28, 2011

Meet Ronald "SHAQ" Hayes & Devon "MILLIONZ" Mack Co-Owner & C.E.O of @ChaunCityTV & ChaunCity Music Group

CO Owner Of ChaunCityTV.
Brooklyn Music Director


As co-owner of ChaunCityTV, a media outlet showcasing up and coming hip hop and R&B artists interviews and videos; Ron “Shaq” Hayes is rolling the camera on the creative capacity both on his Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn block and throughout New York City.

In 2004, growing tired of reaching out to other media outlets to acknowledge the talent within their neighborhood; Hayes partnered with lifelong neighborhood friend Devon “Millionz” Mack and together the two founded ChaunCityTV.

Inspired by watching music videos and attending a Spike Lee basketball camp, Hayes knew early on that directing was what he wanted to do. Returning to New York in 2001 after playing professional basketball abroad in Greece for a year; Hayes landed a position as a facilities coordinator for Warner Music Group, primarily assisting Atlantic and Bad Boy Records. Shortly after being hired Hayes’ desire for directing resurfaced and he began training in the visual art form of directing.

Directing for the last five years, Hayes portfolio contains a plethora of artist interviews, music videos and community events. Recently, Hayes has called the shots behind-the-camera for Full Assault Records, WorldWide and Da Specialist, This is for the Ladies music video in 2008, RealTalk DVD owner Arliss Micheals interview for RealTalk DVD released summer 2009, and ChaunCity MusicGroup’s own Billionz Respect My Freestyle video in 2010.

Working alongside record label ChaunCity MusicGroup, both companies are fully creating and supervising their artists’ images. The company now expands and serves as a media outlet for an array of artist interviews, videos, blogs and WebPages.

ChaunCityTV is currently available in the New York City metro area on CableVision, channels 67, 68 and 69.

Chauncity Music Group LLC
Ceo/Music Producer


A musician and producer with a fond respect for music Devon “Millionz” Mack is co-owner for Brooklyn-based media outlet ChaunCityTV and record label ChaunCity MusicGroup.

Splitting the company’s responsibilities with lifelong friend and business partner Ron “Shaq” Hayes, Mack takes the lead in overseeing ChaunCity MusicGroup. Named after his Chauncey Street block, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn; Mack suggests, “Within our block, we’re our own little city…containing a lot of untapped talent, and ChaunCity, will be that platform to showcase that talent.”

Establishing ChaunCity MusicGroup in 2008, after a few failed attempts of his own as a rapper; Mack realized he was more beneficial composing beats for neighborhood rappers rather than taking them on lyrically.

Drawn to melodies and chord changes within music because of his jazz background, Mack doesn’t try to package and sell his sound to just one specific genre of music.

Driving Mack’s skill as a producer is his success as a bass-guitarist. Initially wanting to be a drummer but unable to afford the sticks in junior high, Mack quickly switched to the bass guitar. Learning the bass guitar instantly, when he entered high school Mack joined the jazz band and studied the structure of music and was trained to read and play sheet music.

Since founding ChaunCity MusicGroup, Mack has produced tracks for artists Billionz “Run 2” off his 2007 Incredibillz mixtape; Tone Waynes, “Life in da City” from his Life in da City mixtape released in 2008, and “Fly” by Niv featuring E. Brown appearing on Da Who, Whut, When and Why Vol. 1 mixtape released in early 2010.

Up next for ChaunCity MusicGroup in conjunction with ChaunCityTV is short documentary film Billie BadAss. The documentary outlines ChaunCity MusicGroup artist Billionz and his chronicle, transitioning from the streets to the hip hop industry. The short documentary is scheduled for a 2010 release on BCAT in New York City.

All ChaunCity MusicGroup music can be heard and downloaded at