May 24, 2011

UberSocial App For PC And Mac Released

Log into Twitter
View timeline, mentions, messages
View saved searches, favorites, and lists
Search for tweets
Save searches
Search for people
Delete tweets
Edit your account information
Change your avatar
Follow lists
Create lists
View full profile information of any tweeter
Tweet shrink - save space by turning tweets into txt speak
Tweet over 140 characters
Auto-fill @mentions while composing
Link shortener
Tweet images and videos
Temporarily mute hashtags and users
Email tweets
Retweet and retweet with comment
Pop out columns - tweet and search directly from popout columns so you don't have to stop what you're working on to follow your streams

Known issues
Turning caching on will improve LivePreview performance but it can cause videos to play in the background on Macs. That is why caching is turned off by default on all Aplus version on the Mac. You can always turn it back on in the Setting Menu under the LivePreview option.