July 3, 2011


The Lights Camera Action Show is a show that’s designed to help expose elite artist to the masses by showcasing them in front of large crowds, industry professionals and also digitally. We also strive to expose artist to people in the industry that is actually scouting for talent and not just coming because they were invited to judge. Our prize packages are designed to give artist the tools needed to take their career to the next level and also provides artist with the proper tools to shop themselves and to increase their buzz which would also increase their stock in the game. All our shows are recorded and every artist in our shows are interviewed and has the option of purchasing a copy of their performance in high def along with photos from their performance that can also help the artist create a buzz for themselves and also use in their EPK’s when they start shopping themselves to the labels. This show will have only the most elite artist in the competition. We are aiming to have this event done by 1am. 2am the latest!! Unlike other shows we DO NOT promise that you will get signed right off the stage but we do promise to give you the proper tools to gain awareness in the game and to give you the proper materials so when you do sit in front of a label you will have the proper tools to show them you are ready to be signed