October 5, 2011


* Khiry Brown aka TraFFick 20 years young is a native of Brooklyn, N.Y and thoroughly represents for his borough. TraFFick began writing rhymes at the tender age of 12 and began recording as a hobby at the age of 14 with Dj Nizzle in a in-house studio. At the age of 16 TraFFick decided he wanted to take the music further and began recording at a professional level with SoundClash Recordings a New York City based studio and began producing singles like “I’m Ill” “Ride With Me” and “Lottery”…telling the story of a Boy growing into a Man. TraFFIck has performed in venues such as The Triad for the BLACKSTEELZ and Friends Xmas Concert and looks forward to performing in large venues around the world. TraFFick is currently working on his untitled forthcoming album and has a mixtape available for free on datpiff.com. TraFFick is self proclaimed “Hottest in his age bracket” and proves it at any given moment. Check out TraFFick’s “Armed Robbery-The Hit list Vol. 2” Mix tape on DatPiff.com http://www.datpiff.com/TraFFick-Traffick-armed-Robbery-The-Hit-List-Vol-2-Hos-mixtape.235786.html Check out TraFFick’s preview video for “I’m Ill” on Youtube.com www.youtube.com/itsagoradiovideo