February 2, 2012

@TrueSunAli "Gotta Get It" Prod by @VinnyIdol of DBlock

In the rap arena, True Sun Ali is a “true” gladiator. Known as a lyrical expert or lyricist, True Sun Ali has pioneered a rap style all his own. With his lyrical talent, True Sun Ali recognizes in the rap game standing out among the lyrical crowd is imperative. True Sun Ali, also known as “The Voice of Brooklyn”, is a Brooklyn native who has been affectionately dubbed “The Heart of New York” by his loyal and ever growing following. Formulating his lyrical style, skills, and natural talent for rap in his teen years, True Sun Ali was destined to be a part of the world of rap. Since Brooklyn was notorious for rap battles where one rapper challenged and tested his lyrical or rap skills against the lyrical skills of another rapper, True was able to sharpen his rap flow, develop his delivery, and perfect his showmanship. Through the art of the rap battle, True learned to value the importance of studying his craft, honing and sharpening his lyrical skills and mastering the art of rap. As he embraced his talent for putting words into phrases and breathing life into this genre of music, True’s love for hip hop through rap grew.
In order to be at the height of his rap game, True Sun Ali set about the task over the years of not only learning the business, but mastering the business of rap. With his newly acquired knowledge and understanding of the business, True Sun Ali infiltrated and inoculated the underground rap circuits with his fiery, hip hop infused, slick witted, base thumping, lyrically heavy rap style. True embarked on a crusade to infect his lyrically hungry rap following with his music. As he developed and perfected his talent, True evolved into a show stopping entertainer. With his smooth rap vocals, hype hip hop beats and supreme lyrical talent, True’s music, name and rap talent became the buzz of New York’s independent artists rap circuit. Early on, True became the “Underground Artist of the Year” (EMMP) and a nominee for the “Underground Music Awards” in the category for “Artist to Watch”. Demonstrating his love for real hip hop, True has been co-signed by industry veterans and has featured on songs with Rockness Monsta (Helter Skelter), D.V. Alias Khryst along with production by Lord Digga and D Blocks, Vinny Idol. A true innovator and industry leader, the “Voice of Brooklyn” True Sun Ali started a movement dubbed “BANKSTAZ” along side fellow artist “Rock Redd” a.k.a. “Lidu Rock” (of the former group “Da Representatives”). With several mixtape volumes, albums, EP and features, True’s work clearly paints a picture of the life and times of his dedication. To True’s credit, he pioneered a rap group in the 1990’s known as “Maja Damage” which landed him a single production deal. Later on in True’s rap career as an independent artist, he released his debut album “Introducing True Sun Ali” in 2007. These milestones in True’s rap career and journey to rap supremacy are only a glimpse into what’s to come.
True attributes a part of his success to the expertise of his publicist “Kay Harris” and his management team “OMG!”.