April 1, 2012

@Keize Keize - Mad At 'Cha Feat. Doza

"All hard work brings a profit, but mear talk only leads to poverty" - Proverbs 14:23. This is a passage from the bible that Keize reverts to as a personal motto and statement for his career.
Keize Montoya was born and raised in the small town of Clovis, NM by way of Oklahoma City, OK and Terrell, TX. Keize was born into a family of musicians and carries on the legacy of the Montoya family as the 4th generation of musicians.
The name Keize is a derivative of the words keys and seize (As in seize the moment). Keize acquired his name by being locally known as a keyboard player. He began playing keyboard at the age of 11. By age 16, Keize became the keyboard player for a well-known tejano band named Grupo Eclipse, performing on stages throughout New Mexico and Texas. Keize performed in many talent shows throughout elementary school and up through high school. Subsequent to graduating high school, Keize would receive his certifications for the Master Recording Program II from The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences.
In early 2011, Keize released his 3rd album/mixtape, “On Deck II”. The artwork reverts to Keize athletic background sporting a baseball theme indicating that he’s waiting for his chance to step up to the plate. The 23 track album boasted several guest appearances from distinguished industry artists. Since then Keize has also released 3 music videos/singles entitles "Main Girl", "Never Let Go" & most recently "Mad At 'Cha".
Today Keize continues pursuing his career in the entertainment industry through several different avenues. He sings, raps, writes, produces and mixes all of his own material as well as for other artists and producers. He is also tapping into the Graphic Design industry having just earned his degree in that profession as well. Merely in his early 20's; Keize has his sites set on success.


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