May 10, 2012

Via @IStillLoveHER : @ginger_gs "Outta My Head" - featuring Patrick Antonian

Gin possesses an intense passion and the ardent lyricism that has given her success as an artist, author, and leader. She proves to be an unstoppable force with captivating words that touch the soul of any listener.

 Being born and raised in Los Angeles has allowed Gin to understand the true origin of hip hop and create powerful verses and a strong passion for the industry. When Gin came of age, she began attending live shows in LA’s underground rap scene, with dreams of becoming a leader in the music industry. She began transforming her own poetry into music and it didn’t take long for her to start creating a buzz. Her fans loved that she was always true to herself and that she wrote about real life situations like relationships and family life.
After high school, she established her own event company, “Cali Style Productions” and began hosting sick events in fresh venues with world renown personalities such as; Kutmasta Kurt, DJ Revolution, and DJ Melo-D.
In 2003, Gin shifted away from the hip-hop scene to focus on her graduate studies. She received a grant to intern in Washington D.C. to pursue her interest in Government Studies. She excelled beyond her peers in the internship and returned home to attend Cal State where she achieved a Master’s Degree in Science with a 3.9 GPA.
Gin enjoyed her studies but couldn’t shake her passion for hip hop. So, after a five year hiatus from the LA underground hip-hop scene, she joined forces with West Coast legend, Ras Kass. Ras couldn’t deny Gin's talent as an artist, but they also noticed that she had talent as an agent. After she consulted countless recording artists regarding business opportunities such as bookings and sponsorships, she formed her own company called “GS Bookings.”
In, 2012 Gin stretched herself even more. She completed her first textbook entitled: World Perspectives: An Introduction to Global Political Affairs. This book gives a comprehensive overview of international relations, economy, and security. This highly anticipated literature was so well received that it has been added as course literature, for the Political Science track at the Cal State University. Currently, Gin also released her new project My Lyrical Expression EP and is completing her PhD in Political Science. ,Gin is a multi-talented and highly educated woman who is not afraid to take the responsibility of being a positive role model for this generation.