September 13, 2012

"Hot Day" via @IStillLoveHER @mulattopatriot @primeridian

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Simeon Viltz from the group Primeridian is a native of Chicago's Hyde Park area. He was born into a family of gospel and jazz artists. His work centers on the search for spiritual alignment and growth of character amidst the mayhem of urban madness. With metaphysical imagery and cultural history, Simeon takes the audience on a soul filled "mental ride." He encourages the audience to read between the lines and not just look at the face value of things, leading them to a space of original thought.
With thought-provoking lyrics, a touch of humor, skilled production/musicianship and years of explosive live performances, he takes a stage by storm with energy, emotion, and experience in moving crowds of diverse audiences (young and old), with various musical preferences and tastes. Simeon has worked, studied and performed with numerous artists of various genres including the legendary Run-DMC, Redman, Talib Kweli, Erykah Badu, Common, Fareed Haque, Frank Orral, Bobby Irving, Kahil El Zabar, Ari Brown, Dizine, and Tamara Shaw and many others. Also, Simeon has remained active in the community working extensively with youth & performing at anti-war demonstrations across the nation and standing in solidarity with the struggles of the oppressed peoples in the world.
Simeon believes that his life's work centers on healing through music as well as the promoting of uplifting self-growth and character development amidst the chaos of urban life. This is the vortex of his message whether performing on stage, writing and composing songs, working in the classroom or presenting at a conference. His ability as a musician (trumpet player, keys-piano, vibes, percussion), a producer-beat maker, a writer-emcee-rapper, DJ and a teacher encapsulates a sense of healing, feeling motivated and having peace of mind.
Hailing from the streets of Chicago you may know the Mulatto Patriot as a producer who creates feel good summertime grooves that have infusions of live instrumentation or you may know MP from the DJ Booth spinning for Psalm One (Rhymesayers) opening up for Rakim, Digable Planets, Immortal Technique, or spinning for ProbCause (bonafyderecords) opening up for Twista, MGK, Raekwon. Or simply you just might know MP as one of Chicago’s unique hip-hop engineers working in the studio consistently on various projects with Psalm One, Pugs Atoms, ProbCause, Primeridan, and many, many other great Chicago artists.
MP is a passionate lover of music and of the Hip-Hop culture. One of his motto’s is “get yours, then give back”. MP gives back to the culture by mentoring Chicago urban youth through The R.E.A.L. Youth Program. MP’s love for music first started out at a young age listening to Jazz legends Stan Getz and Oscar Peterson. Introduced by his father, a full time pianist, it was obvious at a young age MP was embedded into the culture of music forever.
“I didn’t find Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop found me.” In his earlier years he would stay up many late nights recording mix shows to create his own mixtapes. Later on attending Full Sail for a degree in Recording Engineering he acquired his first pair of 1200’s. Diggin in the crates for the love turned very quickly into looking for 45s to chop up once he acquired a Triton. But in 2006 MP caught a bad break when his appendix ruptured leaving him in a life-threatening coma for 6 weeks. “Its all good, it just added more fuel to my fire.” Throughout it all his aim has always been to develop a sound that can be matched by no one with a grind that is never scared for the next opportunity. “1 Down, 1 to Go, and 1 Mo Show!”