November 12, 2012

@RaspyRawls " Politics "

download here
Raspy Rawls’ fourth project, Politics, has proven to be one for the ages. A 17 track CLASSIC that is centered around the politics involved in different subjects, but before we get to the music, his artwork must be talked about. It displays a man crying and screaming out the title POLITICS. Each letter is spelled by a different object, which gives you a hint to the content of the music. It does not stop there, the neck of the man changes to a tree whose roots branch out to spell Raspy’s name. He says it symbolises how he branches out on this project. After dissecting the cover, you hope that the music is half as good, try twice as nice. From the opening track, The Antidote featuring Dominique Dajarea, you are immediately pulled in with her beautiful vocals and his aggressive flow over a Blujai produced piano track. Once Raspy has your attention, he made dam sure he didn't lose it. Touching on subjects from the usage of prescription drugs, to college tuition, to weapons of mass destruction, to the direction hip hop has taken. This body of work will definitely make you rethink what is really going on in the world. If only for a split second, you pause to think, he feels he has done his job. A project of this caliber does not come around too often, and this is a must have for all ages.