January 7, 2013

@ChuckPlatinum Reviews @DarqBXKid - Back 2 Risk It All Project

I have a special invested interest in MC's (not rappers), but emcees from The BX. One of the most important reasons of course is because I myself am a Bronx native, but another because although The BX is where it all started unfortunately for many years we have been overshadowed in the industry because of politics and label hierarchy or whatever you want to put your favorite lame excuse here ( ) either way there are plenty of rappers that deserve to be heard which leads me to this current album review for the BX's own super talented artist Darq.

So let's take it back a couple of years ago. I first officially got to know Darq through mutual acquaintances and I didn't really get to hear his music. Anyone that knows me knows that for me to really check something out it has to be co signed by another talented artist because usually most artists run together. I had begun to see Darq at several shows and showcases and what really got me locked in was his performances. He was a very passionate artist and I really enjoyed his stage presence so I decided to check out his first project Risking It All Willingly which was a very very solid project and immediately I became a fan and made it my duty to build a relationship with this talented brother.

Fast forward it is now 2013 and Darq is now a multiple award winner and has been co-signed by many top industry heads in the underground market and what better way to capitalize off that momentum by releasing another stellar project which is titled Back To Risk It All. Overall the production on the album is great. The production is a big stand out from the production from the previous project. You can tell that Darq took his time and looked for the perfect back drops to satisfy his listeners with the emotion that was put forth into this project. What also stands out on this album is the near perfect sequencing. Sequencing is something that a lot of people in the game do not master, but song placement on an album is the most important part of making a record besides the mastering.

The album opens up with the track "Save Me" and the first voice you hear on the track is songstress signed to RAW Entertaiment Amy Davis who is also on the stellar title track of the last album R.A.W. It continues with Darq explains why he is back to risk it all. This track also has a strong feature by the homie G. Fisher (Murder G. Wrote) who delivered a dope 16 on this well produced track. If you know Darq you know that he is not an advocate for pop music, but the next track "Doin'It" feat. Naza & D Dave could be an easy single if he wanted to go in that direction. Of course favorites like "Get A Win" featuring Mr. Gat was HUGE as a promotional single and a dynamic collaboration with REAL on "Never Enough" was a brilliant move to release these two songs while still promoting his first project which kept the ears fresh with new Darq music as we patiently awaited this new release.

My favorite track hands down on this project is "Cross Them Off The List" this track is fire! Knowlege created a backdrop I could actually see Hov as a guest on this song and he is spitting one of the realest raps I have heard in a while. I am sure that this was inspired by some inside things going on that happens between friends that turn foe. What also makes this track so fire is the chess references. How can you lose when you have a whole 16 dedicated telling people how you are going to checkmate them from beginning to end in a metaphoric way that parallels a chess game with life. With lyrics like Life like a chessboard make the wise move /Don't let it be a dumb choice causing you to lose/ The queen protect king so king can claim rule /And scream out murda everytime he check you FIRE and the rest of the verse just flows like that all the way through! True lyricism!

Other favorite tracks on the album are Running Out Of Time, Welcome Aboard, and the dope track Hello which was produced by Music Mystro. I also was feeling the track Crazy Place which was also produced by Knowlege who produced 6 songs on this project which features Rsonist of the Heatmakerz & Sinsay.

As far as the rating is concerned I give this project a 4. The lyrics are there with great production and great features. I still think that as an artist Darq is still in his comfort zone and that he needs to reach in a little deeper so that he can break out into the national market. He has to find a balance between the mainstream and the underground because by the sounds of this project it sounds like production wise he was experimenting with more mainstream sounds which is a great balance, but I think the fans would love to hear Darq lighten up a little bit and put some more personal emotion in his project, but I guess with the room he has to grow we can expect that emotion to be put forth on his debut album.

Back To Risk It All will be available on iTunes in the 1st qtr 2013. You can look forward to Darq performing in several regions next year! In the meantime you can check out his first project R.A.W. available now!