February 22, 2013

Artwork: @DarqBxKid "Back 2 Risk It" & Tracklist -Designed By The @MicrophoneBully

1. Save Me- Featuring Guy Fisher And Amy Davis. Produced by: Low Profile
 2. Don’t It- Featuring Naza And D Dave. Produced By: CNK Productions
3. Get A Win- Featuring Mr. GAT. Produced by: Your Future Producers
4. Never Enough-Featuring R.E.A.L. Produced by: Heat Up Beats
5. Runnin’ Out Of Time- Featuring Bugz And Elus. Produced by: Knowlege
6. Still Rising- Featuring Amy Davis. Produced by: Knowlege
7. Hello- Produced by: Music Mystro
 8. These Moments- Produced by: Andalus The Phoenix
9. Cross Em Off The List- Produced by: Knowlege
10. One- Produced by: Knowlege
11. Welcome Aboard- Featuring Naza Produced by: Murdah Beats and Music Mystro
12. Go Hard- Featuring Reed Dollaz. Produced by:
13. The World We Live In- Featuring Bugz And Guy Fisher. Produced by:
14. Crazy Place- Featuring Arsonist of The Heatmakers And Sinsay. Produced by: Knowlege
15. Dear Music Featuring Unica. Produced by: Knowlege
Bonus Track 16. Ahh Man. Produced by: Killa Sounds Productions