August 13, 2013

(New Music)-@LuaProc "WHATICALLIT (What I Call It)" Via @MrGetYourBuzzUp

Paul “Lua Proc” Harris born a product of Pittsburgh, Pa in the early 80′s, is the definition of what a city needs to know. With a keen sense of music he has elevated himself from artist to CEO, with the commitment to High End Society Records / Entertainment as Lil Wayne to Cash Money / Young Money Records. Acknowledging that hard work pays off, Lua Proc let his circumstances, losses and setbacks fuel the energy to generate currency, love, and stability from his peers and fans alike. As an artist he has shared the scene with Busta Rhymes, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Juvenile, and more on his musical journey. As a CEO his aggressive approach has sealed a few deals, and made the High End Society Records / Entertainment brand work alongside the entertainment industry. Coming from the streets of Pittsburgh, PA were decisions can play a major part of life to the board room of business as an executive of High End Society Records / Entertainment would be a huge transition and a dedication to his mother Beverly Harris and label mate Nina Ross. With the absence of both these leading leading ladies, through their passing Lua Proc would find strength to see himself around the struggle and seek a path out of his many influences acknowledging GOD, as well as Master P, Scarface, Diddy, Jay-Z, 2pac, Biggie, Rick Ross & the city of Pittsburgh along with the whole old school era that he was raised on. Lua Proc a student of the music era, a business executive, event promoter & street scholar is locked and loaded to burst into all your functions, arenas, social networks, and board meetings. Lua' Proc is one of Pittsburgh's REAL MADE MEN!!