May 31, 2014

@black7pro & @Phillieoso - Crimeline Chronicles

Crimeline Chronicles NewPaper
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Growing up in the infamous ‘numbers’ streets, a rough set of blocks in Southwest Detroit, Phillie learned to use his intellect and innate street savvy to contend with the hazards of life. After years of battling and testing his skill in the streets of Detroit, a chance meeting with Wu Elements producer Bronze Nazareth culminated in Phillie’s addition to the Wisemen. Having held his own weight by displaying lyrical prowess on the Wisemen's Freshman & Sophomore releases, "Wisemen Approaching" (2007) & "Children of a Lesser God" (2010), Phillie released his debut solo album "Welcome to the Detroit Zoo" (2013) produced by Bronze Nazareth. Looking to help solidify his legacy as one of hip-hop's top lyricists, he teams up with Black Day In July's newest emcee & producer Lord Jessiah Allah to present this sophomore release from Black Day titled "Crimeline Chronicles".
Black Day In July Productions is proud to announce our latest endeavor in classical hip hop: Crimeline Chronicles!
The album combines the dynamic and visual wordplay of Detroit’s Finest, Phillie with the new golden era, gritty city sound of Black Day’s most recent ally, Lord Jessiah Allah. Once you get a taste of this sound, the music speaks for itself. Enjoy!

Lord Jessiah aka Black 7 Productions Web Design
Born December 2, 1979, in Detroit, MI, Lord Jessiah Allah (Black 7 Productions) began his interest in the culture of Hip-Hop at the age of 9. Heavily influenced by artists of that time who are now revered as legends such as Big Daddy Kane, Rakim Allah, Kool G Rap, he began honing his skill with the pen and homemade demo tapes by making instrumental loops with his cassette deck. Life would eventually position him in the South (1992 Virginia) where shortly after he formed his first group called Prisoners of Darkness (P.O.D) of which became one of the elite in the underground circuit and established a strong local following. It was here and during that time period where he also saw his first true trial and tribulation through a stint in the Juvenile Court System (1995). This became a pivotal point in his life as he was met with a fork in the road so to speak. In 1996, shortly after being released from custody, he was introduced to the Nation of Gods and Earths. Knowledge of Self was taught to him in the form of Allah’s Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets and 120 Degrees. During this same year he purchased his first drum machine and he began to build up a significant catalog of music.
His path would lead him back to his roots in Detroit where he linked up with other members of the group Sun Tzu Cadre, founded in 1994 by Reasun Allah and Dr.Bahu IsGod Allah. While amongst the fold, Lord Jessiah taught Reasun Allah what he knew related to music production and the Gods helped to keep the gifted youth toward the path of righteousness. Shortly after graduating High School, Lord Jessiah enlisted in the US Army, where he served eight years and participated in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom as a Non Commissioned Officer in a Combat Support Hospital. The time in the Army taught him discicipline, survival skills and how to build him an Army of his own someday. 
During this period, Lord Jessiah had also realized that his passion and drive for music had never left. In fact, it was burning strong than ever.

In 2004, he purchased his first sampler, the MPC 2000 XL and began to master the art of chopping and arranging samples. In 2006 he picked up the moniker “Black 7 Productions”, and began to network with artists looking for production. Shortly after, the calling was answered. In 2007, he linked with Wu Tang Affiliates Dezert Eez and began working on production for their mixtapes and most notably their debut album “Ghettoboxx” distributed through N Cendiary/Universal (2010). During that same year, Lord Jessiah reconnected with Sun Tzu Cadre and assisted in building the brand which already was garnering buzz both locally and nationally. This was done most notably by forming personal and business relationships with local Detroit Wu Tang Affiliates: Kevlaar 7, Phillies Blunt and Wu Elements producer Bronze Nazareth of The Wisemen. In 2010, Lord Jessiah connected with Justis Hype, Program Director and Public Relations of Wu Tang Radio. Justis Hype has helped to place music produced by Black 7 Productions as well as music from Sun Tzu Cadre on Wu Tang DJ Coalition mixtape projects which were distributed internationally and also placed in rotation on Wu Tang Radio.
Currently, Lord Jessiah released his debut album “Grounds of Detroit” (G.O.D) on March 13, 2013 and maintains a close relationship with Wu Tang Management and Protect Ya Neck Records for marketing and promotions. You can look for his production and lyrical contributions on the Sun Tzu Cadre album: Blackman Is God (B.I.G), Most High: High Science, Phillie of The Wisemen :Welcome To The Detroit Zoo, Ant Live: Run With The Wolves, MF911: Return Of The Bloodsport and Bronze Nazareth: Thought For Food 3. Stay tuned!