May 25, 2014

@KwanLee Releases PSA Concerning The #undergroundsummerjam

From: Kwan Lee

Want to clear a few things up about #undergroundsummerjam and the reasons behind it.

1. We are NOT charging artists. If anyone charges you, they are not a part of this event and are fraudulent. Why I am not charging artists: for years I have seen artists pay to perform at concerts (not showcases where there are prizes and opportunities) and the artists are cheated because they were promised the ol industry execs and radio in the building gimmick. I'm against that. If they come great. If not I didn't promise anyone they would be there. So I'm not charging artists to perform for that reason.

2. There are no slots available anymore for June 15th. Why: because we selected artists personally over the past few days who we see doing their thing on a constant basis and you rarely get to see perform. 

3. Everyone 21 and over can come to the event with no cover charge. Why: because the biggest excuse for non support is the ticket prices or door prices are too much and you want to enjoy yourself and you will have no money for drinks. There is no excuse not to support your peers or loved ones because it costs you nothing to enter. 

4. There were no politics at all when we chose the artists. Why: if you're talented, you are talented. A lot of us don't get to partake in events because of who we are affiliated with or have problems with. I have been a "victim" of politics myself so why throw an event where politics come into play. Anyone screams politics for this event they are mad they didn't get selected. I'm sorry if you got overlooked. I can't put every artist in NY in the building. The venue is only but so big. If I had a bigger venue, different story.

5. If this event goes well, there will be more events like it. We need your support to do that. So if you didn't get selected, hang tight for the next one.

And of course: This event has no affiliation with any FM radio station at all. Just to be clear.