July 1, 2014


 Since 2010 award winning hip hop artist THE FATBOY has been working hard to become one of North Carolina's more respected hip hop acts and doesn't have intentions on quitting. He combines dynamic, versatile lyrical ability, with unmistakable instrumentals, and incredible stage presence into a flavorful mix. THE FATBOY has been compared by fans and colleagues to B.I.G, Rick Ross, Heavy D, and Slim Thug, but also brings his "own sound" to the table .

In 2011 THE FATBOY became Assistant Audio/Visual Coordinator for a brief time on the road with nationally known acrobatic troupe the Kenya Safari Acrobats (as seen on "America's Got Talent") which taught him the value of showmanship. He also delivered his self-titled, first, all original EP which introduced THE FATBOY formally in the North Carolina market. In 2012 THE FATBOY was invited to open for "Mr. Walk It Out" himself, DJ Unk, proving that he could carry a crowd at the level of a professional. Later that same year he would release his first full mixtape entitled "Ice Cream Sunday" which continues to be downloaded online by fans worldwide. In 2013 THE FATBOY won the first place opportunity to open for Lil Wayne's former ghostwriter Gillie Da Kid. However, to date, THE FATBOY's greatest musical achievement was being awarded the Bull City Music Award for Best Male Hip Hop 2013 solidifying his place in the history of the city where his ride began. In
 2014 THE FATBOY will become the host of a 6 episode music video television show, adding TV show host to his growing resume.