July 15, 2014

LHHA’s Stevie J Releases Nudes of Benzino’s Fiancee, Althea

Looks like Stevie J AKA 'Rat Face' has struck again. The self proclaimed "good guy" is at the center of more drama than a little bit of late. Especially after taking to Twitter last night to blast photos of the homie Benzino getting "lettuce" from gf Althea to Twitter followers. SMH.

Yes. Sleezo stooped to all new levels of low when reasons unbeknownst to anyone, tweeted out photos of Benzino receiving fellatio from wifey Althea. Well Benzino nor Althea seemed too thrilled about it, but hell with people getting paid large amounts of money to do sex tapes and what-nots, I'm sure they're not too bent out of shape about the pics leaking....