August 5, 2014

NYPD Makes Fake ID For Al Sharpton (No Chill Button This Summer)

Police Commissioner Sharpton? Cops have passed around the fake ID and posted it on Twitter.

A mock-up Police Department ID card featuring a picture of the Rev. Al Sharpton under the title "Police Commissioner" has been making the rounds among city cops.
Cops upset over what they perceive as the civil rights activist's sway over the mayor in the wake of Eric Garner's chokehold death have shared the fake ID on email and posted it on Twitter.
The fake card, mimicking standard NYPD ID, bears a picture of Sharpton underneath the top cop title and police seal.
Sharpton, the head of National Action Network, took Mayor de Blasio and real-life Commissioner Bill Bratton to task during a City Hall summit after Garner’s chokehold death on July 27.
The death has since been ruled a homicide and Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who is accused of using the banned chokehold on the 43-year-old father of six, has been stripped of his gun and badge and put on desk duty pending an investigation.
At City Hall, after the top cop outlined his plans to retrain 20,000 officers, Sharpton advised Bratton it would be more effective to perp walk Panteleo to deter other officers from the using the illegal chokehold. He also told de Blasio that the mayor’s own son Dante would be “a candidate for a chokehold” if his father weren’t mayor.