Bobby Shmurda and his GS9 crew were reportedly arrested at Quad Studios early this morning (Dec. 17), our source says. Numerous weapons were seized at the time of the arrest.
This wasn’t the first time Bobby and his GS9 crew were arrested, however. Back in August, they were also arrested for gun possession. Sha Money XL was also arrested, and the crew is being held without bail due to the prior arrest charges.
Wondering Sound reports that Bobby will be indicted for the arrest, and that director of public information Kati Cornell did not reveal the undisclosed charges, but that the arrests were the “result of a long-term investigation.” She also revealed that the office has a “sealed indictment against a number of individuals,” and that the case involves a number of “violent incidents, as well as narcotics trafficking.”
The site also reports that the arraignments are scheduled to take place in Manhattan Supreme Court tomorrow (Dec. 18th), when the indictment would be unsealed.
The Brooklyn rapper jumped onto the scene this year with his infamous Shmoney Dance that coincided with his viral hit “Hot N***a”, which was originally a freestyle over Lloyd Banks’ “Jackpot” record. Since then, Bobby and his GS9 crew have made their rounds at various shows, interviews, etc. and have started to become household names in hip-hop.