December 19, 2014

(New Music)- @HWarbuckz "I'm Bout Mine$"

hwarbuckz Many are describing emcee H Warbukz as "A Lyrical Radical," "A Rap Renegade," "A Hip Hop Juggernaut" and a "Musical Maverick." H Warbuckz is shattering the misconception that lyrical rappers can't successfully create radio friendly hit songs that appeal to the masses. He is creating a major buzz with his latest single ""I'm Bout Mine$". The song is the latest single off of his critically acclaimed mixtape "The Mixtape Bible." The stellar production on "I'm Bout Mine$" coupled with H Warbuckz' poignant cadence, delivery and flow results into a dynamic song. The track is explosive! It contains nothing but pure bars. The song is resonating well with his target base and is receiving a great deal of support and accolades from notable DJ's around the country. Standing out in an ever changing music industry is no easy task. But H Warbuckz has developed a recipe for success. His lyrics are unique. His metaphors are creative and his style is original. Follow him on Twitter @HWarbuckz.