January 30, 2015

(New Music)- @datriggaizlive “Gualla Guap”

Powerful, Energetic and Live are the adjectives that best describe Brooklyn based rapper TriggaIzLive. His witty wordplay and aggressive lyrical style resonates with honesty and sincerity. TriggaIzLive has an international appeal and his music ascends above regional boundaries. His songs are gritty and commercial at the same time. Triggaizlive has previously worked with several prominent producers such as “Avenue” of Swizz Beatz Crew and Uncle Panther who produced for T.I., JayZ and Kanye West. His latest single is called “Gualla Guap” which features rapper BankRoll Fresh. The single is garnering accolades and airplay on college radio stations and mixshows from around the country. The song has all the right ingredients to make it a certified banger. The music video for “Gualla Guap” is brash, bold and exciting. The buzz is growing, the anticipation is thrilling and the momentum is rising. Follow TriggaIzLive on Twitter.