January 30, 2015

(New Video)- @LazDetroit "Open Heart Surgery" Feat @bizarresworld

image (3) An Emcee embodies the heart of a rapper, but a rapper can never embody the soul of an Emcee. Emcees tell stories, rappers tell tales. Emcees speak, rappers talk. The Emcee is rare, the rapper is the new trend. Detroit bred rhyme slinger Lazarus is carrying on the tradition of great Detroit lyricists. The dedicated wordsmith possesses all the qualities of a true emcee, which include good cadence, excellent delivery, insightful content, an incredible rhyme pattern, amazing metaphors and a keen ability to stay in pocket with the beat. Lazarus is a Hip Hop Tour De Force with an international appeal. There's always something refreshing about an artist who feels comfortable in his own skin. At a time when there is a blur between creativity and mediocrity, Lazarus is redefining Hip Hop with authenticity. His unique selling proposition involves the fact that he is an actual medical doctor. In fact his latest single is a hard hitting song called "Open Heart Surgery" featuring Bizarre from D12. The single was released under the Russell Simmon's All Def Digital imprint and it was produced by Rooq. The music video for the song is dynamic and it features Lazarus as a surgeon performing heart surgery on Bizarre. The song is entertaining and educational at the same time. Lazarus is poised to put the heart and soul back into Hip Hop. Stay connected to him and follow Lazarus on his amazing journey by logging on to his website at www.lazarus-world.com.