February 19, 2015

@IKEBOYMusic Presents: The Banks Brand T-shirts

#IKEBoy Corey Drumz, real name Corey Banks, is a hip-hop artist from Hollis Queens, NY and founder of #IKEBoy Music & The Banks Brand.

During the 90’s Corey Drumz was well known throughout the hip-hop community, recorded under the name CeStyle and was the founder of the legendary NY underground groups Total Pack and Korp Dynasty. As CeStyle, Corey was signed to Columbia Records (1992) and then Wild Pitch Records/EMI (1995). Since then Corey has continued to record music and in 2004 he re-invented himself changing his name to Corey Drumz, forming a new following and creating a new brand IKE which later evolved into #IKEBoy Music.

#IKEBoy Music™ is under the umbrella of The Banks Brand™.