March 9, 2015

(New EP)-@CertifiedOutfit "True Grit" Prod By #Church

unnamed Originally from Spokane, the Seattle, Washington based rap duo Certified Outfit is made up of multi-instrumentalist/rapper/producer Church and rapper Swindle. An extensive catalog and a tireless work ethic have made the Certified Outfit a highly respected and influential group in the Northwest. The cult like following that Certified has created is due in part to the authenticity and personal nature of the music. This has allowed them to connect with people on a level that transcends trends and gimmicks. The team further solidifies themselves on their latest release, an eight track EP ample titled "True Grit". Follow along as The Outfit paints a vivid picture detailing the story of true o.g.s from the block with clever wordplay that serves as a true voice for the streets over super smooth soul productions provided entirely by Church. This isn't some act, Certified Outfit is the epitomy of real. Stream & purchase the EP from the player below.