March 5, 2015

(New Mixtape)- @LadiesLuv_Autti "Expectations"

Autti_Expectations-front-large There’s always something refreshing about an artist who feels comfortable in his own skin. At a time when there is a blur between creativity and mediocrity, Singer/Rapper Autti is redefining R&B and Hip Hop with authenticity. Autti is a musical renegade currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. He was discovered by music veterans and producers Kenny "Smoove" Kornegay and Greg "88 Keyz"Mance who together form the Born Rich Agency. At times brilliant and at times daring, Autti is relentlessly engaging. His diverse style and unique look sets him apart from the competition. His style is a blend of R&B and braggadocios lyricism. Autti has developed a strong following with his explosive lyrics and dynamic music videos. Autti’s lyrics convey a musical diary of sorts; his songs are honest and personal and they touch on matters close to the heart. His goal is to enlighten and entertain his audience while conveying realistic images of life. Autti is the perfect cocktail of mystery, boldness and explosive talent. Autti does everything in a major way and he is currently making a huge impact in the independent music scene and beyond with his hit single “Marilyn Monroe.” The track is explosive! The single is resonating well with his target base and is receiving a great deal of support and accolades from notable mixshows on major commercial stations around the country. It is the focus single off of his mixtape entitled “Expectations” which dropped on Valentine’s Day. The music video for “Marilyn Monroe” is cinematic, enthralling and magnetic. Autti has an uncanny ability to connect with the camera. Equally important, his stage show is filled with tremendous energy. When you come out to an Autti show be prepared for entertainment and excitement.