March 5, 2015

(New Video)- @Bwalkershoes "The Iconic B Walkers of London Brand Impacts The Younger Hip Hop Generation"

BDK-walker-shoes-bdk-closet This is not your father's shoe. The new B Walkers epitomize the allure of the current Hip Hop generation. It is classic contemporary footwear. In addition to the classic shoe designs featuring the Tassles, Lace Up and slip-ons, there are new styles for the younger demographic (Black Gummy Soul, Camouflage, Quilts, Sneakers, etc). Hip Hop has matured. Making a strong statement about cultural pride is central to street etiquette. Additionally, the B Walker brand’s marketing expertise lies in its strategic development and aggressive grassroots approach. The company has collaborated with the legendary Big Daddy Kane for the BDK Limited edition. The Big Daddy Kane Limited edition comes in four distinct color patterns, and they were handpicked and co-designed by Kane himself. Only 500 pairs are in circulation. Moreover, B Walker believes in and supports up-and-coming artists, musicians, DJ's and those who seek to make a difference in their local community. It has forged a magnanimous relationship between the urban music lifestyle and urban footwear. For instance, the company will be holding a Jingle Contest targeting independent artists. The skill-based contest will involve music artists recording an original “jingle” that they've written describing the attributes of the B Walker brand. The winner will win a grand prize valued at $500. In addition, B Walkers of London will be presenting the “Urban Heat” music sampler in affiliation with the Underground Music Awards. The music sampler will be available on for free download. B Walkers of London are laid-back, easy, tasteful, and trend setting. Many tastemakers are describing them as the best shoes of the season, from workday formal to weekend casual. B Walkers are making such an impact that bootleggers have already emerged. “If It Doesn't say B Walkers Of London, then It’s Not Official," raves General Manager Hasan Brown. Visit B Walkers of London online at unnamed