March 4, 2014

(New Video)- @Dirty773 "Spittin"

Hip Hop phenom Dirty AKA Yung Di is a head strong rapper from Chicago determined to leave an impact on the music game. His music is colossal and cinematic. Dirty exemplifies the true meaning of the term "Boss Status." The rapper is currently impacting the music world with his new single entitled "Spittin." The song is brash, bold and gritty. It's head nodding Hip Hop at it's best. DJ's are raving about the song and it is receiving accolades from notable mixshows. In addition, the video debuted on to much fan fare. Dirty's unique selling proposition is that he actually lived the life he raps about and he has survived a "roller coaster" existence with many hardships. His music incorporates an element of realism and rawness. He is one of the most prolific and talented rappers to emerge from the Chicago scene. Follow Dirty on Twitter @Dirty773