May 28, 2014

Seeking Hip-Hop / Rap for Film and TV Licensing

Please send your best, professionally produced, hip-hop and rap songs for ongoing TV and motion picture opportunities. We work directly with top music supervisors at the major and cable networks as well as film supervisors and trailer companies. Songs must be clearable, NO SAMPLES, IF there are explicit lyrics, clean versions must be available.


In order for us to pitch your music for film, TV or Advertising:

a. You must own 100% of your master (recordings) and 100% of your synchronization (publishing), if you don't…

b. All master owners, co-writers and publishers, must sign our licensing agreement as well.

c. Also, if you have paid musicians and/or singers you must have a signed 'work for hire' form for each person, so that they have no further claim to the song.

d. We will need a MASTERED copy of both the song and an instrumental track. Format: either a wav file or an mp3 at 320kbps.
Thank you!